Mechanical Pipe Fittings Products


The PP, PE and Nylon (composite plastic) pipe fitting mechanical jointing system requires no special site equipment, no electricity required or skilled labour. Low installation costs combined with the long life of the fitting make it the cost- effective choice. It can be used for PN 12.5 and PN 16 pipes. It requires no compression rings; no circlip; no ‘O’ rings; no crimping; no solvent cement; no fusion; no PTFE tape – fast; leak proof and simple installation. Our pipe fittings are with Excellent Hydraulic flow characteristics such as Light in weight, no scale build up on inside wall, it is Corrosion resistance, suitable for all weather conditions. Our composite plastic mechanical fittings are cost efficient joint with easy installation, takes less energy to perform the joints for better productivity. This pipe fittings system affords a very cost effective and high-speed installation system. The fitting has third party certification and are government approved for water portable systems.


The mechanical pipe fittings for PN16 and PN12.5 pressure piping system (SDR11 and SDR13.6)

Independent testing by approved third party was carried out to prove that the Composite Pipe Fittings system can be used for a wide variety of polyethylene pressure on piping installation, some of the tests carried out on our fittings include; Effect on water quality; Pressure resistance of fittings body; Leak tightness under internal pressure on assembled joints; Leak tightness under internal pressure when subjected to bending; Resistance to pull out at 23°C; Long term pressure resistance of the fitting body (1000 hours); and Leak tightness under negative pressure.

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