Mcome Drainage Cell System


Our Mcome Drainage Cell System is manufacture by M-Come Plastic Manufacture Sdn Bhd. It have many function activities such as adding to roof top gardens, for use in platform on artificial grass, swimming pool area, outdoor and indoor sports fields, retaining walls, civil works, agriculture landscape and landscaping applications.

Mcome Drainage Cell also provides high effective structural for the landscaping industry use and mainly suited for water catchment area which reduces flood water on surfaces or facilitates groundwater recharge.

M-Come Plastic Manufacture Sdn Bhd produce two types of Drainage Cell by using Recycled Polypropylene resins and the Virgin Polypropylene resins. The Virgin Polypropylene suitable to apply on artificial grass and swimming pool area.

Product specification and test result as follows:-
SIRIM test report no. 2020PC1040 & 2021PC0261
Model: Mcome Drainage Cell 30 (x) 500 (x) 500mm

1 Dimensions
– Height
– Width
– Length
30 mm
500 mm
500 mm
Agreed Test Method 067
Using calibrates caliper
and ruler
2 “No of pieces per
square area”
4 pcs/m²
Agreed Test Method 084
By manual calculation
3 Nominal Weight 3.33 kg/m²
Agreed Test Method 085
Using calibrated weighing
scale and manual calculation
4 Surface void Area 56%
Agreed Test Method 086
Using caliper and manual
5 Compressive Strength 69,800 kgf/m²
Agreed Test Method 004
Test parameters: (2021PC0261)
– Crosshead speed: 50mm/minute
– No of specimens tested: 3 pieces
– Platen diameter: 500mm