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Foreword By Yeo Kim Tiong

Ever since its establishment in February 2001, M-Come Plastic Manufacture Sdn. Bhd. (M-Come Plastic) has continued and continuing to maintain high ethical standards and along comes with our manpower services that provide value to our customers. Today we have become a trusted company under the motto of “Plastic Technology is Our Business .”

In the humble beginning, M-Come Plastic started as a producer of plastic component for water dispenser , and a year later was assigned to produce several consumer household products such as varieties of food containers and kitchenware. The very first exploration of our export shipment was a fishing gear component. It was our very first step success in the export business where it drives our team with greater enthusiasm in exploring more on export business.

As years go by, M-Come Plastic has gradually expanded its plastic business in supplying injection plastic component to MNC & SMl Electronic Industries and in an addition to produce composite plastic products in related to the Construction Industries usage. On forth with this plastic business, M-Come Plastic has always opened its door to work side by side with the customers to expand the business together throughout the nation and worldwide. This equality partnership has strengthen our business relationship on a very long-term basis.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, our industrials and the world socio-economic landscapes are changing rapidly where most of the social networking groups are dominated by the millennial generation. Whether we like it or not, in the rise of digital technology, our industrial has sudden enter deeply into the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”. Indeed, across all industries, there is clear evidence that the technologies have underpinned the Fourth Industrial Revolution and is having a major impact on the previous traditional businesses. Many industries like us are witnessing the change of introduction of new technologies that created a new culture of serving existing need and have impeded the old industry value chains. With the new advanced technologies waving in front of our visibility, those industries or entrepreneurs who are unable to cope up with the new era will most likely be left in isolation. M-Come Plastic is gradually working to integrate towards sustainability into any compliances, processes, and beyond the boundaries. With the theme “Plastic Technology is Our Business” is become increasingly significant: development, innovation, procurement, manufacturing and customer benefits – these are starting points for more sustainable business everywhere. M-Come Plastic’s team is working diligently to implement the highest possible degree of sustainability at all levels.

The year 2020 was like no other. The pandemic COVIT- 19 outbreak that begins in early 2020 has disrupted the entire industries and economies that lead them into a rough ride throughout the MCO and CMCO. The social and economic fallout have reversed the development gains, and global poverty has increased for the first time in three decades. Our economy recorded a significant contraction especially in the second quarter of the year 2020. By and large, M-Come Plastic was experiencing in facing several unpleasant obstacles. In my sincere heart, I am very thankful to our team where they have taken every measure and resilience to sustain M-Come Plastic’s business operation and refrain from taking any stem decision to laid-off or unsalaried the employees. This pandemic moment was undoubtedly affected our business awkwardly and is the most unforgettable experience on how we survive walking through the edge of the cliff.

In line with our continuous aspiration to provide excellent services, M-Come Plastic will forward its journey to new millennia industrialization. In the 1960s ago, the beginning of the industrialisation in Malaysia has recorded nearly 40 percent of this growth was attributed by the industrial sectors where 17 percent was from the manufacturing sector. It was our bold and a pro-market reform which has set an example for others to follow. ln today’s millennia, M-Come Plastic’s ambition has set to higher level to cope with the Fourth Industrial Revolution as to forge a new path for the present and future generation .

Finally, l sincerely hope that with all the efforts that have planted, M-Come Plastic may not escape from focussing inwards and or ignore some serious impediments to the present industrial development and trade. M-Come Plastic will perform to widen the domestic and export market where there are rooms for selective strategies which we should continue as leading in industrialisation.


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